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Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court

The Metropolitan Court is posting all job openings on the New Mexico State Court Web Site. Please Click here to see Statewide Court Job Opportunities.

Judicial Job Application for Employment.

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Please 'Save' the job application of your choice below to your local Disk Drive then complete the application and mail it to:

Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court
Human Resource Division
401 Lomas Blvd. NW
P.O. Box 133
Albuquerque, NM 87103

Current Job Opportunities

Division Job Title Position Number Job Description Opening Date Closing Date
Probation Division - Standard Supervision Court Probation Officer 2 49352 JP000004935220180813.pdf 08-13-2018 08-24-2018
Probation Division - Standard Supervision Court Probation Officer 2 961 JP000000096120180813.pdf 08-13-2018 08-24-2018
Courtroom Support Division Judicial Specialist 2 929 JP000000092920180813.pdf 08-13-2018 08-24-2018
Civil Unit Judicial Specialist 2 893 JP000000089320180813.pdf 08-13-2018 08-24-2018
Interpreters Division Court Interpreter 37265 JP000003726520180813.pdf 08-13-2018 08-24-2018